About Us

Bhumit Pharma is one of India’s leading pharma exporters that is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of tablets, capsules, oral liquid, ointments and injections. As one of the premium pharma exporters, our main corporate office located in Western Suburban Mumbai.

Being one of the well-known names in the industry as Pharma exporters, we have a team of highly qualified and highly experienced professionals that spearhead the organization under the guidance of the company’s promoters who are also the board of directors are the eminent promoters of this organization and it is under their flagship that the organization has grown to become one of the most trusted pharma exporters in the industry.

Pharma is one of the main names in pharma exporters and exports to a number of countries. We manufacture a wide variety of pharmaceutical products and they are successfully exported and marketed to various countries. As a leading supplier of pharmaceutical products, we aim to establish our presence worldwide and ensure our credibility remains intact at all times. Therefore we constantly strive to keep up with the change technological advancements and ensure as one of the premium pharma exporters we are able to deliver quality pharmaceutical products to our clients. Being an important pharma exporter to many of the country, we also ensure that we use the latest technology that can help produce volumes of products efficiently and within the stipulated time period. Being a leading pharma exporter we realize time is of essence and we adhere to the commitments given to the respective country by ensuring we are able to meet their demands as per their exact requirements.

India is an important destination for pharma exporters because a lot of pharmaceutical companies export to many of these countries where the demand has been on an upswing. Most of the African country lacks the right kind of technical infrastructure and expertise required to set up and develop quality pharmaceutical products and therefore they rely on us to manufacture a large bulk of different kinds of products that any healthcare or pharmaceutical company would require. cater to the demands of the respective country by understanding their requirements and accordingly developing pharmaceutical drugs as we do under contractual manufacturing. As a premium pharma exporter, it is our commitment to deliver affordable yet quality products to African countries as well as other countries worldwide.